Security Printing House
                                                               A word from your partner

     Not only one postage stamp more.

  • We print the postage stamp.
  • We do the marketing.
  • We do the sales.

      ...but look at the postage stamp more closely.

Postage stamps can bring much more than only increased revenues from the philatelic market.
How to bring added values for to boost international culture & sports exchange and increase trade and tourism on an international market level?
      ..and extra revenues.
  • Every stamp project is focused on a specific market.
  • Every stamp project is promoted by massmailing.
  • Every stamp project is financed by our international sales.
 A stamp project can even bring revenues for education and health programs.
Not only one more beautiful stamp. We put your country and your businesses on the World Map, all year around.
Our security printing house offer tailor-made solutions for postal administrations, state & private enterprises and NGO´s.
Welcome to mail our security printing house for more information.
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